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7 Great Survival Games To Play For PC

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As you all know, the Covid-19 epidemic is going on very complicatedly and is relatively dangerous. To limit infection, everyone chooses to stay at home safely, but staying at home for many days is also very boring so today Bloganchoi would like to introduce to you 7 great survival games for PC so we can have fun at home during the epidemic season.

What is the Survival Game?

The survival game is a genre that will put you in a very new and exciting experience. In it, you must find a way to survive with items in the game. All of these items are not readily available, but you have to create your own from the ingredients you can find using the massive recipe system that the game provides.

Besides, you will face many difficulties in the game such as hunger, thirst, dangers that always threaten you to watch and fight to preserve your life.

  1. Minecraft

Released by Mojang and is a famous game worldwide. Get the idea from unique blocks, thinking that the game will be very boring, but Minecraft may make you spend a lot of hours exploring it. In Minecraft, players will find ways to survive such as building houses to shelter, cultivating, and hunting for more food, mining minerals to craft weapons to destroy monsters.

In addition, if you have played Minecraft island, try with mods or mod pack created by the community of players to increase the difficulty and challenge in the game as well as add a series of new items far from the session. Traditional version.

  1. Terraria

Terraria is an open-world survival adventure game developed by Re-Logic. In 2019, the game has sold nearly 27 million copies worldwide, is highly appreciated by reputable game sites, and directly compared to Minecraft. The gameplay part is similar to Minecraft, you will craft, build, adventure, and fight.

However, Terraria’s action-role-playing element is more highly recommended, with a huge amount of weapons and extremely dangerous bosses. Terraria allows players to experience a horizontal viewing angle plus it’s a simple graphics and great music that is worth the experience.

  1. Don and Starve

Developed by Klei Entertainment is an open-world survival game with a horror style. Compared to the first two games, the survival factor in Don and Starve is much more difficult. The game speed is quite fast, forcing you to concentrate highly to gather and exploit everything to survive, there are also extremely mysterious creatures ready to take your life at any time. caught off, guard.

In Don and Starve there will be deaths causing inhibition to gamers because all the plowing effort is gone, forcing you to create a new world and start over. In addition to the simple graphic style, top-down perspective, the plus point of Don and Starve is the character system with separate skills and weaknesses.

  1. Oxygen Not Included

Also, a survival game developed by Klei Entertainment, so the graphic style is similar to Don and Starve. At the beginning of the game, you will start with 3 characters and your job is to control them to exploit and expand the base. You will need water, food, ideal temperature, oxygen for the survivor, and more to meet your needs.

  1. This War Of Mine

Developed by 11 Bit Studios, the game is set in a bloody war and cries, you will have to transform into ordinary people who are still trapped after the war. Your mission is to quickly fight hunger, the cold of the weather, disease, and snipers everywhere. In that life of survival, you will have the option of taking someone else’s life away to keep it for yourself.

  1. Subnautica

Released by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Subnautica takes players on an underwater adventure that contains many mysteries. Through the game, you will only explore the vast ocean to complete quests and exploit more resources. In addition, you also have to find the puzzle pieces to complete the drawings to build bases, submarines for the best survival, especially when exploring the ocean, you may encounter non-living creatures. the same danger.

  1. Raft

Also set in the vast ocean similar to Subnautica but now you are on a small raft, and you will have to find a way to survive while on the floating raft in the middle of the sea. The only equipment you get is a plastic hook, you will use it to collect containers floating in the sea to craft more furniture, cook, and expand your raft.

Hope 7 great survival games above which help you enjoy a fun time at home during the epidemic season.