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8 Essential Notes For New Players PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is currently the leading survival shooter game that is currently loved by young people. When playing the game, players will have to fight 99 other players to become the last survivor on an island.

Surviving in the game is not easy for any player. Here, we will have some notes for you to have the necessary information as well as a guide to play PUBG in the most basic way for you to win in this survival game.

1. Choose How To Play

Here are some instructions for how to play PUBG: Single-player, any team player, team up with friends.

In the game, a squad is called a squad with all four members. If you often play in groups, you should pair up with your friends or anyone, because in the game there are always more fun and interesting players.

However, if you are ‘solo’ on your own, then you should play solo before you pair anyone with anyone else. The fact that you try to “survive” alone while playing it will help you understand the game faster than playing with friends or with people you do not know.

2. Choose a Skydive Position

Choosing a smart skydive position is the first step to victory. Before each match, you will be parachuted down to anywhere on a large island. You usually choose to press the “M” key to open “Map” and right-click to find the jump location. You should choose a reasonable position so that you can survive against 99 other enemies.

One thing, please note that the location of the center will have many types of equipment: guns, ammunition for you to pick up but there will be a lot of enemies.

So for newbies like you, you should choose other small villages to “land”. In case if an enemy falls in the same location as you, you should head down to the ground and choose to press “W” to get “landed” faster. That way, you will have more time to equip the weapons as well as more time to ambush the enemy.

3. Pick Up Items

There are many types of items in PUBG, but you only focus on picking up 5 things that are necessary to help you survive, they are weapons, armor (helmets, bulletproof vests), ammunition, backpacks, and pharmaceuticals. The easiest way to pick up items is to press the F key. Bring “Backpack” to bring more items.

4. Equip armor

In PUBG only bulletproof vests and helmets are used to protect you from enemies. Its quality will be divided into 3 levels. Each time the level of the bulletproof vest increases it will support you a shot in the chest at a close distance without having to “lie down”. The slight difference is that when the helmet is level 1 and level 2, it doesn’t work if you are shot in the head at close range. When you reach level 3, it will help you survive. And at a distance, the higher your hat is, the better it will hold bullets (into the head).

5. Weapons

The most important and indispensable thing when you go to war is the weapon, and the main weapon in PUBG is the gun. There are a variety of guns that are simulated in reality so find out which one will work best for you if you have some experience choosing guns in other shooters.

6. Medical Products

Medicines will help you heal during blood loss. You need to bring many medicines such as Bandage, First Aid Kit, Med Kit. In addition, there are two types of food/medicine also have similar effects, such as Energy Drink (energy drinks) and Painkiller (pain reliever). Once used, you will be slowly recovering. Never miss out if you see those drugs.

7. Relief Goods

During the fight. From time to time, planes will appear and drop relief packages. Including, weapons with strong firepower. You should never run straight towards the falling package and pick it up in joy, you see the enemy also. Be careful when approaching and avoid being sneaked. If it is near you, pick it up quickly and hide quickly.

8. Calm Down

When only a few people survived the battle. Focus more because if you relax, you will most likely die and of course you will lose. Only celebrate when you really won.

Above are some instructions to play PUBG for beginners. I hope this information will be useful to you.