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Far Cry 6: Story, GamePlay, Release Everything To Know

Far Cry Introduction:

Far Cry is one of the Ubisoft’s flagship series, and the next one isn’t that far off. Far Cry, was developed by Crytek to premiere its Cry Engine software. Far Cry is a series of first-person shooter games, all of which have been published by Ubisoft. The following games in the series have used a Ubisoft-modified version of the Cry Engine, the Dunia Engine, allowing for open-world gameplay. There have been five main games in the series, and the Far Cry 6 is about to release soon.

Far Cry 6 Story:

Far cry 6 seems like a prequel to previous far cry games and takes place in a fictional Caribbean nation Yara. Yara’s environment was inspired by modern-day Cuba. Far Cry 6 is an open-world game and will feature a range of areas within the island including beaches, jungles, and the capital Esperanza.

It will tell us the story of a dictator named Anton Castillo who is trying to rule his island of Yara and uses propaganda to subject his people and preparing his son Diego to rule in the future, whereas freedom fighters fight to take control of the country. Players will play the role of a rebellious fighter named Dani Rojas who will stoke the fires of revolution through guerrilla warfare across the island of Yara. Rojas’ story will have a direct impact on the world.

In an interview with Game Rant, Far Cry 6 narrative director Navid Khavari said the game will be set in present-day but will look like the 1960s because Yara has been “frozen in time” since then. Khavari hinted that everything from the game’s weapons to vehicles will be from the period.

The main character Dani Rojas is lost in the revolution on the island and rises against Castillo’s lies to restore the island to its former glory. There will be different groups of revolutionaries across the island, with the incentives and point of views of some guerrilla fighters are not much focused.

Official Trailer

Take a look at the official trailer of Far Cry 6 starring Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad (knows as Gustavo/Gus Fring in series) as Anton Castillo.

The Antagonist:

The developer argues that it was important to portray an island that was cut off from the rest of the world for over 50 years. This idea ties into not only the antagonist but his followers too. There was an economic downfall and people elected him as a leader to build a new paradise. Anton calmed the people of Yara over into believing he is the answer for them. He was the one that would solve all their problems.

According to Ubisoft, Anton Castillo is a cold and ruthless man. He wants to take the island back to the way it was 50 years ago but there’s an obstacle. He will do this at any cost and enslave those who are against him to work as forced labor. Ubisoft claims there are two types of believers on the island. Those who voted for Anton and stand by his side and those who regret the choice.

In the Far Cry 6 trailer Anton Castillo is seen directing his 13-year-old-son Diego about what it means to be a leader in his eyes, he says, “Our people, they do not know how to be happy.” as he leads Diego onto the roof with a grenade as revolutionaries toss Molotov cocktails and cause chaos in the streets below, he continues, “They are torn apart by opinions, noise, indecision – strangled by their freedoms. Even if you have love in your heart; even if you want what’s best for them; if you only want to save them from themselves – they will hate you, Diego. Everything you do, say, believe, will be wrong.”

This story will act as a backbone to many of the characters you meet in the game. But the important aspect of Far Cry 6 is Anton’s rise to an iron fist. His father was hung 50 years before the game. This event made him ruthless. Anton has destroyed his world’s view and is now able to do the things he believes is right. Even though these actions are weird, pervasive, and twisted logic. Although these actions are weird, widespread, and with twisted logic, Anton believes not only the Castillo family deserves to be in power but only they are capable of turning Yara back to the paradise it was once before.

Far Cry 6 GamePlay:

Players will have access to a variety of vehicles and weapons as they fight against the rule. The guns seen in the screenshots seem to indicate that attachments and upgrades will once again be a thing, and there’s been a particular significance put on the heavy-duty flamethrower. The other detail Ubisoft has shown off is an adorable puppy named Libertad Chorizo, who has a wheelchair on his back legs and he will probably feature into the game.

Ubisoft’s Khavari said when he was asked about chorizo’s role.

“The tease for him is that he kills with kindness, that’s all I am going to say’”

  Far Cry 6 Gameplay

Players can decide whether the game’s character Dani Rojas is male or female when the story starts. Unlike the leading actors in far cry 5 and far cry new dawn, Rojas will have a voice and the game will also tell us the story of Rojas.

Ubisoft hasn’t shared many details about far cry 6 gameplay, but the game’s screenshots reveal a variety of locales, ranging from small neighborhoods to urban environments. Khavari said that players will find a verticality throughout the game and on the guerrilla warfare, suggesting that fighting won’t only happen on the ground. He further said that being able to run across rooftops, use back streets, fight against some of the toughest opponents in the game is a really unique and fresh game.

Far Cry 6 Release:

The fay cry release date is February 18, 2021. Hopefully, now after the release date, Ubisoft will share more details about the gameplay and other animal companions. This release gives the fact that Ubisoft releases a new far cry game every two years. Ubisoft has confirmed that far cry 6 will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.