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How To Get Your Car Serviced Online In Bangalore?


Buying and maintaining care is not important, but what is more important than this is that they deliver minor services and perform minor repairs at the doorstep of the clients. And major repairs are performed at their service centers. They ensure that they keep their clients notified of all the work performed on their car through their intuitive app. Through this app, the car owner is also able to track the status of vehicle repair. Thus all their services are transparent and are pocket friendly.

Services offered by the best car service agency in Bangalore:

The major services provided by the doorstep car services in Bangalore are, general inspection of the vehicle, carrying out general repairs on the vehicles, repair on the physical parts and mechanics of the vehicle, AC top-up, etc.

  1. They perform general car inspection, car service, and oil change at the doorstep of the clients. This includes engine oil replacement, coolant top-up, replacement of the air filter, oil replacement at the brake pad, cleaning of the brake pad, interior vacuuming, and 24-point car checkup.
  2. They do a complete car checkup and deliver the health report of the vehicle to its owners.
  3. Their car wash, exterior cleaning, and interior cleaning are available at the best prices possible.
  4. Their car servicing protocols include tinkering with the body parts of the car and performing exterior painting as well.
  5. They render balancing and wheel alignment services for all car brands
  6. They are experts in rendering repair and maintenance services for several car brands such as Tata, Toyota, Maruti, Honda, and other leading car manufacturing giants.
  7. Most of all, they render roadside assistance and car breakdown assistance round the clock, at any part of the Bangalore city.
  8. They accept online payments and deliver the car within the stipulated time.

Online car repair services:

It is now possible to book car repair online in Bangalore to save one’s time and energy. Their working mechanism is pretty simple. You have to visit their website online and see their quote for a fair and reasonable price for the service intended. You then have to book a schedule at your convenient time for a free pick up and drop off of your vehicle. If the car encounters a minor problem, the service will be initiated at the premises of the client. For a major repair, the car will get serviced at the certified Pitstop garage. When it comes to servicing your car, you must choose a trusted agent as the quality of servicing you do for the vehicle directly reflects on its durability and maintenance.

Final words:

To have a brief knowledge about these credible car service agents, Getpitstop started its operations in Bangalore and is available in other cities of the country such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, and Faridabad. Thus you can avail the best car repair online in Bangalore at an affordable cost. They feature a network of multi-brand workshops all over the city of Bangalore that is certified by Pitstop’s credibility.