Sony PS 5 revealed – Here’s What You Need To Know


The highly anticipated PlayStation 5 console has finally been unveiled.

On its way forward for the Gaming event Thursday (11 June,2020), Sony gave viewers a glance at the new Sony PS 5 consoleThe corporate showed off the upcoming PS5 at the top of the event next to the new DualSense controller that debuted back in April. Sony also displayed some more addition to the gear like an HD camera, controller charging station media remote, and Pulse 3D wireless headset. It's unclear at this point if the gear is bundled or optional to feature.

Picture Of New PS 5

The new PS5, which was also pictured in contact with its side, maybe a futuristic white with black finish and blue highlights. The next-gen console will have two versions: A typical Model which contains the slimmer Blu-ray drive and a much slimmer Digital Edition machine which is supposed to be a discless.-- Thus downloading and streaming relies entirely on it. CNET's sister site GameSpot reported that the PS5 uses a solid-state drive, as against a tough drive like previous PlayStations, which game discs will support a capacity of up to 100GB.

Price and Release Date

Though prices and release dates weren't yet given, Sony CEO Jim Ryan said the corporate planned to launch later this year. you'll watch the reveal below:
The company discussed new games for the new console, teasing titles sort of a sequel to Spider-Man, Resident Evil 8, and Horizon Forbidden West. you'll watch the trailers for these new games below: Sony had delayed the event after global protests erupted in response to the killing of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, while in police custody. Sony had initially planned to carry its event on June 4 despite the coronavirus pandemic, which packs up the annual E3 computer game show this year.